Saturday, 31 July 2010

and what am I supposed to do while you're doing the underpants charleston with this insane, blind tart?

Yesterday L spent the afternoon primping and preening for Perth’s premier fashion night. Buster and I sat utterly memorized as she darted from one end of the house to the other, inflicting what looked like multiple forms of torture on herself.

Tantalizing friends, delicious fashions, luscious food and a profuse amount of alcohol made for an absolutely incredible night at this year’s styleAID TRIBE. Showcasing some of Perth’s most creative designers, new and established. As well as raising vital funds for AIDS research in WA, this is one night the majority of Perth’s fashion and social set make sure to attend... and they sure do make the most of it!

This was L’s first styleAID, she missed out last year due to being sick (boo) From the whispers we’d both heard, it seemed as though this was the night to let your hair down. This was the night everyone and I mean EVERYONE gets shattered. From what L saw last night this year was rather tame (although she is quite blind, physically and perceptively)
The day before L finally had her hair done and I must say it’s looking 7283467596254y73yrf7wgr873f7r462r4dg46ewg8rg2474367318981ey3289hd2898ydh84y29yd28h84200000000000000 times better. She said it was a bit darker then she prefers but I think it looks great! and shes warming to it
The wonderful PR whiz David set L up with truly unbelievable seats on an astonishing table, sitting pretty much on the runway. Lucky thing was on a VIP table with some scrumptious people. L had two dates for the night, the ever sexy C and the eternally beautiful and crazy Ro.

Ro, L, Daile and Amy

girls raiding the VIP goodie bags, complete with Kailis cuff-links... ooohhh

more goodies (wine, MAC make-up, beer, l'orel products etc

They all had a brilliant time perving on the whimsical and futuristic fashions and then dancing the night away like proper idiots.

L wore a gorgeous Aurelio Costarella gown in a magnificent dusty lilac, teamed with her freshly done hair and elegant metallic magenta pumps. She also took the opportunity to debut her mums newest Lolibag “V”

The night began with a very talented rope climber/dancer and a powerful ballad by a very talented singer whose name unfortunately escapes L.

Standout collections of the night for L were Aurelio Costarella, Flannel, Kooey, the wild and wacky Lonely 8-Bit Heroes by Zoe Trotman, The Butcher and the Crow and the incredible Timothy Godbold among more.

L took hundreds of photos, I’m thinking we'll trickle the rest of the runway ones through over the next week, as not to overload your brain.

Tomorrow L is off to the Mundaring Truffle festival, her excitement has reached tantamount levels. I wish I was going with her... but cats don't go down well at food festivals I'm told. Hopefully she'll bring me back lots of delicious photos to drool over and maybe even a truffle or two to try!

Saturday, 24 July 2010

over the rainbow, under the hedge, across the river and up the moutain and down the valley...

sooooooo L may be bit late to the game but about a month ago she jumped on the twitter wagon.... and now its getting a little bit addictive!

Follow us if you care to stalk... we wont bite... hard... :P

L -

Happy tweeting peeps!

are you a gambling man, santa?

Yesterday L was out all day running errands. Among other things she had a hair appointment and got a spiffy new phone! A Blackberry Bold 9700. She is soooooooo overjoyed to be back to blackberry's! L absolutely loathed the iphone and its touch screen. Not good for people who type super fast, apparently it always choses the wrong letters and her messages come out scambled.

L's super sexy new phone

Just before L’s hair appointment, while leaving a car park (L and her mum were forced to park on the very top level due to overflowing capacity) L spotted a familiar looking scarf hanging off the railing of the now deserted car park. “ooohhhh that looks like an Alexander McQueen scaf!” exclaimed L.

Before the words had left her lips L’s mum was reversing the car and L ran out to retrieve the abandoned item. She looked around for an owner, cause surely no one would leave this pretty little thing alone on purpose. But alas the car park was empty. And rather than leaving it to become a homeless persons wash cloth L scooped it up and placed it in her purse.

L’s mum was quite curious about the scarf but searching for the scarfs owner took a bit longer than expected, they were running late and after a quick glance it was put in L’s handbag. L thought little of it, assuming it to be a knock off but happy none the less for the gift of the delicious wrap.

Once home however she took it out to admire it and low and behold down in the corner what did she spy... yes...

Needless to say L was over the moon.

Friday, 23 July 2010

styleAID 2010

L has been busy, busy, busy in these last days. styleAID is coming up next Friday and she’s been running around getting her shoes and dress fitted, going to hair and waxing appointments as well as working and re-hauling the office!

L is super excited about styleAID and I must say I am too! It will be the first night Buster and I will be left alone with the whole house to ourselves! L’s very eager to see what all the fantastic designers have in store for the night. This year is styleAID’s 13th year and with a tribal theme its set to be it’s finest.

The following handpicked designers, new and established will send their vision of modern tribes down the catwalk.

Timothy Godbold
Arj Selvam
One Fell Swoop
United Constructions
Daniella Caputi
The Butcher and the Crow
Of Cabbages and Kings
Andrea Wolf
Lonely 8-Bit Hero
Pinch and Spoon
Garth Cook
Aurelio Costarella

L has her shoe’s and dress all sorted you’ll have to wait until the night to see the dress.... but here is a sneak peak of her shoes!

We haven't really had time to take any decent outfit posts but here are some glimpses of what she’s been wearing the least couple of days.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

eat recycled food, good for the environment... ok for you..

Vet. The very word is undeniably terrifying to me; to hear this despicable word uttered sends me under the bed, the wardrobe, the couch, under anything where the humans would have trouble finding and or getting me. Utterly petrified I sit waiting... hoping... paying to the cat goddess Bastet but alas inevitably they always come and get me.

Today wasn’t so bad... no injections or operations, just a check up. Poor little Buster had a needle though, I could hear him crying from my crate and all I wanted to do was go save him! But nasty L wouldn’t let me out. No matter how hard I protested. To punish her once we got home I hid under the bed all night and refused to come out. Ha!

Other then the afore mentioned traumatic experience L, Buster and I spent the day re-organising L’s wardrobe. I had so much fun, we uncovered some gems L had forgotten about and nearly set aside a pile to give away to friends... but then thought better of it... (L has a real problem giving up clothes, even if she doesn’t wear them anymore... she always finds an excuse)

L keeps whinging that it’s getting harder and harder to create new, cool outfits with the majority of her wardrobe in summer mode still... I wonder how long she can last till she finally cracks and goes on a shopping spree?

Today was more layered tights, paired with shorts. Cute, kind of preppy look in my opinion, and once again a hat as L is still yet to schedule an appointment with the hair dresser. *sigh* Silly girl!

plume black shorts, dotti cream three quarter top, portmans waist coat, misc black tights, misc cream fish nets, vintage tan newsboy cap, jeffrey campbell charli clogs

Monday, 12 July 2010

oh, why did i ever let you talk me into this?

On the 7th of July Oscar Phineas or Buster for short arrived home for the first time. As you may recall from my previous posts I was rather looking forward to little baby Buster joining our family. However on the day in question it finally dawned on me.

The magnitude of it all.

(The first thing he did once let out of his traveling cage was go straight for L's Chanel bag... at least he has taste!)

I heard his meows at the front door and suddenly realised what a baby brother meant. Sharing. Noise. Lack of privacy. Lack of sleep. LESS LOVE! From now on this little monster will want all my toys! He’ll want all this attention from the humans which will mean I get less! I’ll never have any time alone! What have I gotten myself into?!?! He’ll probably eat my food and bite my tail! I remember what my litter mates were like! They never left me alone! And this little man is NOISY! He literally won’t shut up!

After my little mini freak out I hid under the wardrobe the whole night. I was not happy at all with the humans. Especially L.

The next day L and the boy introduced me to Buster while he was in his cage (hahaha he was so angry he was stuck in there – “suck it up kitten!”) He smelt funny. I didn’t like it at all. And again he would not be quite. MEOW, MEOW, MEOW, MEEEEEEEOW, MEOW, MEOW, MEOW, MEOW... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... MEOW, MEOW, MEOW, MEOW... ... ... ... MEOW ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... MMMEEEEEEOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!!


The next day I was in a bit better mood, I hadn’t gotten any less love and he hadn’t touched any of my toys. This time when we’d been sitting in the lounge together for awhile the humans did the worst thing ever. THEY LET HIM OUT.

He came straight for me! He wouldn’t stop! Like a little evil meowing, psycho, devil kitty! I don’t know how long the attack lasted but it felt like days. I got some awesome swipes in and tumbled him over a bunch of times! It was super fun and I won! He relented! And bowed to me! Haha! Success! I am top Bengal!

After our epic battle I kind of caved. He’s not that bad, he’s actually pretty cute. In a whiny, little, follow me round everywhere kind of way.