Saturday, 31 July 2010

and what am I supposed to do while you're doing the underpants charleston with this insane, blind tart?

Yesterday L spent the afternoon primping and preening for Perth’s premier fashion night. Buster and I sat utterly memorized as she darted from one end of the house to the other, inflicting what looked like multiple forms of torture on herself.

Tantalizing friends, delicious fashions, luscious food and a profuse amount of alcohol made for an absolutely incredible night at this year’s styleAID TRIBE. Showcasing some of Perth’s most creative designers, new and established. As well as raising vital funds for AIDS research in WA, this is one night the majority of Perth’s fashion and social set make sure to attend... and they sure do make the most of it!

This was L’s first styleAID, she missed out last year due to being sick (boo) From the whispers we’d both heard, it seemed as though this was the night to let your hair down. This was the night everyone and I mean EVERYONE gets shattered. From what L saw last night this year was rather tame (although she is quite blind, physically and perceptively)
The day before L finally had her hair done and I must say it’s looking 7283467596254y73yrf7wgr873f7r462r4dg46ewg8rg2474367318981ey3289hd2898ydh84y29yd28h84200000000000000 times better. She said it was a bit darker then she prefers but I think it looks great! and shes warming to it
The wonderful PR whiz David set L up with truly unbelievable seats on an astonishing table, sitting pretty much on the runway. Lucky thing was on a VIP table with some scrumptious people. L had two dates for the night, the ever sexy C and the eternally beautiful and crazy Ro.

Ro, L, Daile and Amy

girls raiding the VIP goodie bags, complete with Kailis cuff-links... ooohhh

more goodies (wine, MAC make-up, beer, l'orel products etc

They all had a brilliant time perving on the whimsical and futuristic fashions and then dancing the night away like proper idiots.

L wore a gorgeous Aurelio Costarella gown in a magnificent dusty lilac, teamed with her freshly done hair and elegant metallic magenta pumps. She also took the opportunity to debut her mums newest Lolibag “V”

The night began with a very talented rope climber/dancer and a powerful ballad by a very talented singer whose name unfortunately escapes L.

Standout collections of the night for L were Aurelio Costarella, Flannel, Kooey, the wild and wacky Lonely 8-Bit Heroes by Zoe Trotman, The Butcher and the Crow and the incredible Timothy Godbold among more.

L took hundreds of photos, I’m thinking we'll trickle the rest of the runway ones through over the next week, as not to overload your brain.

Tomorrow L is off to the Mundaring Truffle festival, her excitement has reached tantamount levels. I wish I was going with her... but cats don't go down well at food festivals I'm told. Hopefully she'll bring me back lots of delicious photos to drool over and maybe even a truffle or two to try!

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