Tuesday, 13 July 2010

eat recycled food, good for the environment... ok for you..

Vet. The very word is undeniably terrifying to me; to hear this despicable word uttered sends me under the bed, the wardrobe, the couch, under anything where the humans would have trouble finding and or getting me. Utterly petrified I sit waiting... hoping... paying to the cat goddess Bastet but alas inevitably they always come and get me.

Today wasn’t so bad... no injections or operations, just a check up. Poor little Buster had a needle though, I could hear him crying from my crate and all I wanted to do was go save him! But nasty L wouldn’t let me out. No matter how hard I protested. To punish her once we got home I hid under the bed all night and refused to come out. Ha!

Other then the afore mentioned traumatic experience L, Buster and I spent the day re-organising L’s wardrobe. I had so much fun, we uncovered some gems L had forgotten about and nearly set aside a pile to give away to friends... but then thought better of it... (L has a real problem giving up clothes, even if she doesn’t wear them anymore... she always finds an excuse)

L keeps whinging that it’s getting harder and harder to create new, cool outfits with the majority of her wardrobe in summer mode still... I wonder how long she can last till she finally cracks and goes on a shopping spree?

Today was more layered tights, paired with shorts. Cute, kind of preppy look in my opinion, and once again a hat as L is still yet to schedule an appointment with the hair dresser. *sigh* Silly girl!

plume black shorts, dotti cream three quarter top, portmans waist coat, misc black tights, misc cream fish nets, vintage tan newsboy cap, jeffrey campbell charli clogs


  1. I love the clogs! Clueless is also a fantastic movie, you have made me want to re-watch it :)

    x The Velvet Bow

  2. Great style , nice combination and so original !

  3. Thanks guys!

    @The Velvet Bow - for sure go back and watch it! always puts L in a fantastic mood and it's great to be nostalgic!