Monday, 27 September 2010


if i could understand rabbits.... they would be amazed and i would be their queen...

For tonight’s post we have some glimpses from the week for you as well as some shots of L’s much adored new Blackmilk.

We are both smitten with the magnificent prints and amazingly perfect and loving construction. They fit like a glove and are super comfortable to boot, no bunching or itching. They truly do surpass all other leggings L has tried.

In the week or so since PFF wrapped up L has been trying to wind-down and get back on track with life, a task that has yet to be achieved due to work.
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Sunday, 19 September 2010

last night i had the strangest dream...

soooooooooooooooooooooooo excited....

fashion is made to become unfashionable...

Continuing our coverage of last week’s PFF, the next event L had the pleasure of attending was Fifteen Minutes – The Rise of the Fashion Blog. Styled by X-press’s own fashion editor and fashion blogger Emma Bergmeier, the show’s aim was to celebrate the new voices in media and just how influential some of us bloggers have become.

Photobucket The Velvet Bow, Neon Blond and Girl Friday all eagerly anticipating the show

L was delighted to be joined with fellow bloggers Girl Friday and Neon Blond, unfortunately due to a miscommunication as to which end of Wellington St Fashion Paramount was on they scooted in just in time. Fortunately they were all seated next to The Velvet Bow, except for Girl Friday... Luckily though L managed to ‘procure’ another front row seat! Allowing Girl Friday to be seated with the rest of the group! And this time L had the hang of taking photos. 

The front row was filled with fashion bloggers and there was certainly a lot more ‘buzzing’ before the show. Although the idea behind the event was wonderful, L found that at best the message was confused, lost. Regrettably there was very little mention of West Australian bloggers, save for three highlighted by a 40 second slideshow. Apart from that the only other indication that this show was homage to the fashion blogger was a short documentary featuring international bloggers.

Over all L thoroughly enjoyed the parade and loved the looks put together however she and I like many other WA bloggers were disappointed with the lack of focus on the locals.

Billie & Rose, Merge, Planet Clothing, Pigeonhole and Zara Bryson all sent their funky wears down the runway, styled and inspired by street-fashion.

Guest were treated to a surprise once the boutiques were over with their showcases, the lights went down and out came some astounding designs by Roxana Zamani, winner of Fashion TV’s 2010 Online Designer Award.

Her designs we’re bizarre to say the least... bizarre but beautiful. Stunningly simple calico type fabrics almost paged together like books. Beautiful caged capes that from behind gave the illusion of wings and a magnificent high, high, high collared jacket that encaged the model nearly to her eyes.

Photobucket Girl Friday and Perth Fashionista rifling through the goodie bags 

After the show L caught up with the girls for gossip and 'bubbles' and for the one of the first times of the festival managed to snap a whole outfit snap!

She wore and magnificent dress from State of Georgia and her Jeffrey Campbell Chari Clogs. We are truly in love with this dress.

Friday, 17 September 2010

you've been mostly-dead all day... part two...

The second show of Sunday night was STM’s Swimwear Parade. STM, or Sunday Times Magazine is Perth’s Sunday paper’s entertainment and style magazine and this was the first Swimwear Parade for the Perth Fashion Festival, quite odd seeing as WA is known around the world for our amazing beaches and fantastically warm weather.

This L time managed to get a much better view of the catwalk, by securing a seat front row, which made for much better photos... if not somewhat blurry ones.

Parading their sensual swim attire were West Australian brands Kooey, Cebiche, Bernice Sara, Miss Erika, Ocean Zone, We Heat Vintage and Amore & Sorvete.

One-piece, one- shoulder, bikini, resort wear, surf wear and vintage pieces all made an appearance down the catwalk, born by glowing tanned bodies (too much of the crowd’s delight)

Despite L not being ‘that’ into water, she really enjoyed the show and is definitely coveting the amazing tan wedges and a couple of the beautiful maxi dresses.

you've been mostly-dead all day...

Wesley Quarter is one of the newest editions to Perth’s CBD shopping district. Consisting of some wonderfully diverse labels, from Burberry and Armarni, to Industrie and G-Star Raw.

This year’s festival event celebrated the quarter’s debut runway show and featured looks from Alanna Hill, Coast London, Industrie,  jewelery from Jan Logan, Metalicus, Karen Millen and G-Star Raw. Luckily L remembered her cameras heart and was able to snap some shots... unfortunately she was seated quite a few rows back, not making for wonderful photo opportunities.  I think she got one ok shot of a Alannah Hill number, so once again thank you official festival photographer Stefan Gosatti!

The parade began with very flowery, feminine looks from Alannah Hill. Floaty, short, summer dresses highlighted with lace and love hearts.

We could see L in any of the above looks and I know she'd feel like a princess. Perfect for brunch, or a tea party in the park! 

-the one shot L did manage to get!-
Next up was Coast London, where models flew down the runway in fabulous frocks
Industrie paraded shirtless boys in denim and Jan Logan adorned the leggy beauties with knots of pearls, emphasizing the jewels on a canvas of black mini dresses.
It was all about layers at Metalicus (we're sucker's for layers) layers and light colours.
More neural palettes at Karen Millen this time in gorgeous silks.

Nothing too special for G-Star Raw in my opinion, all though we spotted this funky tuxedo jacket and loving the contrasting red heels!

(all runway images copyright stefan gosatti)