Monday, 27 September 2010

if i could understand rabbits.... they would be amazed and i would be their queen...

For tonight’s post we have some glimpses from the week for you as well as some shots of L’s much adored new Blackmilk.

We are both smitten with the magnificent prints and amazingly perfect and loving construction. They fit like a glove and are super comfortable to boot, no bunching or itching. They truly do surpass all other leggings L has tried.

In the week or so since PFF wrapped up L has been trying to wind-down and get back on track with life, a task that has yet to be achieved due to work.
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  1. hey hey lil lady...
    on the subject of leggings that surpass all others.... wondering whether you tried any of the LONELY 8-BIT HEROES ones on???? let me know if you ever wanna give em a crack possum
    love you know who
    zoë xxx

  2. ooooooohhhhhhh zo, zo! L did catch a glimpse of them at the Popsicle launch and fell in absolute lust. They are destined to be a part of L's wardrobe family! Alas she was to busy to get down and snap a pair up!

    L is super busy with work at the moment but she would love to catch up and come purvey your wonderful creations when things settle down! FB her!!!!

    Hope all is well in your wacky, wonderful world! Love L and Queen Mabs xoxo

  3. i would love to catchup too baby girl....
    all is good this end, and i hope yr end too
    xxxx..... love your blog babe!

  4. Love love love this post!!! I got my Galaxies too I need to crack that whip and whip up and outfit post! You look incredible and I love your clogs...

    I have no idea but your blog doesnt get fed through my bloglovin feed...Cursid thing!

  5. @kim not sure why bloglovin doesn't work :( i haven't logged in, in months! try following on blogger maybe?!?!

    @Zoe L will be fb messaging you this week!