Sunday, 31 October 2010

and she slept for a hundred years...

Above is a picture of the beautiful bougainvillea which envelopes the front of our house. I found it rather fitting as this last week this stunning, throned vine has suddenly burst into a blanket of magenta flowers. The comparisons between L's life and her favourite fairy tale "Sleeping Beauty" are wonderfully sweet and sickly at the moment.

For as of now her work as come to an end, she has emerged from a state of stress, a state of insomnia and too many things to do. She is finally able to look around, to be. She is finally able to sleep. She has, like the bougainvillea burst out of her oppressive cocoon.

So again like Aurora - the sleeping beauty, L has been spending the majority of the last week asleep or on the couch, hiding from the world and recuperating, Buster and I have gladly joined her as you can see below.

The week was also as usual littered with procrastination which lead to moaning and latter in the week, purchasing both books and apparel. It was also one of her oldest friends B’s birthday and they went out of a lovely dinner.

While shopping for B’s birthday treasures L came across an item than she fell head over heels in lust with, L was strong willed enough to say no and not purchase it, as she was looking for B and not for herself. But after staying at the forefront of her mind for a couple of days L relented and went back to the shop and adopted the stunning little thing. Stay tuned for pictures tomorrow, for now there is so very much to be caught up on in interweb land.

Monday, 4 October 2010

...and the dish ran away with the spoon. but Hawaii was the only state that would recognize the marriage as legal...

L’s been going through some things lately and to change it up a bit she decided to transform her hair. She has been umming and ahhhing for months now, and finally decided to suck it up and put a rinse through her hair... seeing as its only a fudge, semi-permanent she couldn’t go too drastic. But it would allow for her much needed quick fix.
I suggested pink! So she took my advice and put a bright pink rinse through for a pop! It isn’t really pink.... but it certainly pumped up the colour. What do you guys think?!?! We like it, its subtle but nice and a cute change :)

Here is a outfit shot from last week L didn’t have time to post to compare the colour too...

happy un-birthday to you... to you? to you!

It was L’s birthday on friday, the boy woke her late with cuddles and then took her camera shopping! He’d already picked out a spiffy new Nikon D700 and a fancy, shmancy 24-70mm N lens. Her new setup is absolutely beautiful and more than she’ll ever need for outfit, runway and event photography! She is over the moon!

After lunch L’s mum came and took her shopping, they went to a cute little shop in Wembley, The Three Bears. She picked up a gorgeous new bikini, perfect timing for summer.

Once home L’s little bro surprised her with none other than ROLLER SKATES! ROLLER SKATES!! L has no idea how to skate, she can Roller Blade... or inline skate?!? But she never learnt how to Roller Skate... odd seeing as growing up her best Friend was State Roller Skate champion!

In the evening the boy parents came over and brought L a lovely cake, also treated to a beautiful crystal necklace and bracelet.

Over all she was absolutely spoilt and had a fantastically lovely weekend, I hope everyone had a equally wonderful weekend!