Monday, 4 October 2010

...and the dish ran away with the spoon. but Hawaii was the only state that would recognize the marriage as legal...

L’s been going through some things lately and to change it up a bit she decided to transform her hair. She has been umming and ahhhing for months now, and finally decided to suck it up and put a rinse through her hair... seeing as its only a fudge, semi-permanent she couldn’t go too drastic. But it would allow for her much needed quick fix.
I suggested pink! So she took my advice and put a bright pink rinse through for a pop! It isn’t really pink.... but it certainly pumped up the colour. What do you guys think?!?! We like it, its subtle but nice and a cute change :)

Here is a outfit shot from last week L didn’t have time to post to compare the colour too...


  1. i LOVE this new colour! and it looks so lovely on you, with the contrast of your skin. You mentioned you used fudge, i used to have (bright) blue hair and i found fudge was useless...if you keep going with the blue i suggest manic panic, which you can order from the u.s, so much better than paintbox!!


  2. oh thank you for that chow! L is currently obsessing over lilac hair fading to purple.... but not sure how well that will go down on her!

    Can you get manic panic from hair mart I wonder?!? or just the US?!?! I'll have to check!

    Hope all is well with you sweetface!