Tuesday, 16 November 2010

it's cool if you like it, it's okay if you don't, just decide for yourselves...

There has been an explosion of energy in our lives recently with Busty and I being allowed out to play in the garden EVERY morning and L getting back into her creativity and DIY. She has a huge list of to-creates to get finished by the end of the week, a task she is excited about succeeding in.

Today L went on an excursion to her mums, the motivation for this being, to go through her secondary wardrobe (items she rarely wears and can’t fit into her bed and dressing room's at home) She came back with some absolute gems, vintage 50’s high waisted long skirts in satins, tulle, chiffons and tweed, pretty dresses and this fantastic leather knitted tank top her mum made back when she was L’s age!

The leather thong is so unbelievably soft and the detail is magnificent honestly I can’t imagine sitting down for the exuberant amount of time it would take to hand weave this beautiful garment, but then again I am a cat and my attention span is somewhat limited!

one teaspoon leather crop top, vintage leather knitted top, vintage ashleigh morgan skirt
This is one of the reasons L finds it so hard to give away or dispose of old clothes. L is so very lucky that her mum saved her wardrobes from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s to give to L. Not only does L now have a quite sizable vintage wardrobe to play with but with the past fashions coming back around L truly realises how extremely lucky she is to have such well preserved beauties at her disposal, each is a precious treasure she could never give away. No she’s saving this fortune for her girls.

Does anyone know how L feels?! Are you a wardrobe hoarder?! Do you have a treasure you could never ever part with?!?


  1. OOOoooooOOOOoooo you lucky duck! My mum didnt keep much, and i cherish the two print dresses she did give me. I would love to keep my pieces for a future daughter but i have no room!

  2. I honestly don't understand where L has room to store it all! So far most of its been at her mums... but now her mum is in the process of downsizing and moving in with her partner... So I might have to convince L to hold a massive garage sale!

    Lets see some fabulous photos of your print dresses! We could be a fortnightly segment! "mums old clothes" lol

  3. You are such a lucky thing! Mum kept stuff for me but after I moved out I think dad got rid of it and to my recollection nothing is like anything you have in your wardrobe....

    Once you are finally healthy and we can have our lunch date... I say we also play dressups in your ridiculously huge closet!

    Oh and if you do have a massive garage sale... COUNT ME IN!!!!

    You look amazing As per usual... Keep em coming!