Friday, 5 November 2010

summertime... and the living's easy...

today was reading in the pool, berry smoothies and floral sunglasses, procrastinating over what to wear and cold cappuccinos  -  stumbling round Beaufort St in sky high Jeffrey Campbells and humming bird fast stop and chats with long unseen friends   -  lunch of tiered sandwiches and adopting big thick fashion magazines   -  painting nails "Green-which village" , reading Love and burning incense - Peppermint tea and plans for tomorrow, rustling around fabric trove, Joni Mitchell, muffins and chocolate buttons  -  gourmet woodfired pizza’s and hundreds and thousands biscuits  -  connector colouring textas and doodling in book margins, empty take away coffee cups and glitter  -  chocolate popcorn and horror movies