Monday, 1 November 2010

worlds whithin worlds...

Finally. A new outfit post. I am so very glad L has found some enthusiasm to take photos; it’s not that she doesn’t like it. On the contrary she loves it! However right now she is drained, drained and depleted. But with every passing day it does get a little better and a little brighter so I am needless to say, quite excited to see the preverbal trees through the forest.

Something that did make L happy was her new treasure found the other day... behold! L is now the pompous new owner of a leather UTILITY BELT! Schhhwwwaaaarrrrr! (Pictures below) I’m pretty sure she’s pulling my leg and it’s just a fancy bum bag, but I must admit, it does look pretty swanky... with all its pockets and utillityness.... well for a bum bag that is.

So to honour basically an expensive belt L trundled out the back to the lane-labyrinth to take some photos. I love this top she is wearing, it’s light and airy and its neutral colour goes with almost anything. Though I can’t help but think in these pictures L looks as if she’s travelling out on safari, if it wasn’t for the backdrop of urban garages and laneway’s she would be right at home in the jungle.

Despite my sarcastic, somewhat mocking tone I am actually quite enamoured with L’s new Utility belt and outfit alike.  This look is what I think epitomizes the majority of Perth’s fashion in summer, denim cut-offs, big over sized t-shirts. Not much variation unfortunately, hopefully that will change soon.  Recently, Perth has wholeheartedly been embracing new and exciting fashion, local and international alike, which is wonderful to see.

Today, also in attempt to encourage inspiration L dragged out her Roller-skates and taught herself how to use them. She was overjoyed to have nearly gotten it down pat before the sun went down and tomorrow she has a Roller planned for around the beautiful Hyde Park. So inspiration 1! Boredom and uselessness 0!

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