Thursday, 30 December 2010

how close is the sun...

Today was bathed in a wonderfully warm colour palette. Burnt reds, dusty yellows and oranges were all speckled heavily, surrounded by landscape. Reminding L of thick dollops and drops  of vibrant oil paints.

I spent the morning buried, deep under warm tunnels of fabric out in the sun while buster stalked, attacked and eventually destroyed his favourite prey.

The beautiful colour theme continued throughout the golden tinged afternoon with flirty, playful orange and yellow butterflies who teased L by darting to and fro, escaping before her eyes. Black and yellow furry bees flirted and dodged her bare-foot step as she jumped from puddles of shade. Fruitlessly trying to evade the sting filed bite of steaming asphalt.

This beautiful frock was a forgotten, forbidden, guilty late night, online purchase. Safe to say it was a delightfully whimsical way to start this hot, summer day.

the girls...

Fantastically coloured Indian dripped down their eager spoons.
Wandering the streets in sky high boots, glittering Christmas lights, lit their unknown way.
They laughed and tumbled and sneaked naughty cigarettes in the warm summer air.
Cars and people passing, yelling, judging.
Content in their own little world Chow and L, they did not care.    

Thursday, 23 December 2010

...chapter two...

chartreuse glows in the dark, and if you drink enough of it, your eyes will turn bright green...

Half way through L’s tale she found a string of fairy lights to tease me with. While she told me the rest of her sickly, sweet adventures, I was hypnotised by the buds of light that danced around the bed. She relayed a story of a warm, humid encased night, splashed with neon green drops of Chartreuse and a backdrop of buzzing city lights.

A Never-ending feast included whole legs of ham, delicate gourmet pizzas, chicken, and bright, light salads. Homemade rocky road caused sticky, sweet traps for mouths and of course the alcohol flew fast and green.

Games of secret Saint Nick were played with the best gifts being pilfered, nabbed and stolen multiple times. The ultimate prize was a princely trophy, a majestic, royal orb filled with berry liquor, which was swallowed quickly and left winners lustfully licking their lips for more.

The night danced on as L ran to the edge of Kings Park, where nature drops and overlooks the dazzling city lights. Out of breath she twirled and spun til she was dizzy and falling over. There she lay, playing with the lights and absorbing the pureness and utter joy that had befallen her.

At last she let streamers of headlights and cold barren open roads pass through her eyes, as she travelled home to us. Where once through the door she collapsed into a tangle of limbs and later more twinkling lights she then began this delicious tale...

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