Thursday, 2 December 2010

and now to lighten things up, some pictures of beautiful latino babies to the music of tito puente!

Today was a lovely day. The weather was beautiful, buster and I woke up in a good mood and L had a play-date with Kim from Blonde Suburbia - Check out her lovely post on the day here. They crafted scrumptious, tasting plates filled which chicken, cheeses and olives, dips and Turkish bread, deli meats and pesto.  They gossiped and talked fashion, played dress ups and mucked around taking photos, while Buster and I watched eagerly and tried fruitlessly to steal delectable morsels from their plates.

This dress is another gem from L mums wardrobe. I love the crazy demon print and tie dye colours. It’s certainly a stark contrast to it's almost 20's silhouette. L has been wearing this dress for about three days... perfectly cool for the ridiculous weather we've been having!

This beautiful hunter green vintage Akubra was found in L’s little brother’s bedroom... just sitting there waiting to join L’s wonderful wardrobe family, maybe L has a bit of a problem with adopting her family’s clothes... hmmm...

Kim wears the cutes khaki jumpsuit, L’s borrowed foxy heels and she completed her look with a gorgeous gold watch locket and rings.

Of course L chose the most preposterous place to take photos, the top of a construction site. I’m sure it would have been quite a picture watching them tetter around in their massive heels.

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