Thursday, 23 December 2010

...chapter one...

Tonight L came home in a wonderful flurry of excited enchantment, she was positively spell bound. As she sat cross legged on our bed she recanted the magical details of the past few days and buzzed with energy. She was high on the emotions and fantastic adventures that had befallen these past precious hours.

Her story began two, maybe three days ago now on Tuesday with the almost chance meeting of a fellow kindred spirit and one of the most truly beautiful and rare nymphs L has ever had the pleasure of getting to know. She is sure she has made a fast and forever friend in the lovely Chow from Heart and Bleeker. L retold a voyage of endless coffees sprinkled with chocolate and of hours passing, quick as seconds. Of warm, enveloping armchairs and of electric connections.

The full moon kept L uneasy and pacing through tiniest hours of Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. Buster and I sat hypnotised for most of the night, watching her walk the hallway and chew on her nails in a clash of dizzying happiness and uneasy restlessness. She finally slept, deep and long.

The rest of Wednesday was infinitely better than it began. The day saw her journey into town and meet up with more kindred spirits in fellow Perth bloggers Kim, Mon and Bon.  They bonded over fizzy iced cola, skinny cut hot chips, aioli and fashion. After, L kidnapped Kim back home with her and they both set off into the labyrinth to take outfit photos for me.

Once they arrived home, time tricked them once more and suddenly it was time for L to leave for the Christmas ball. She looked like a mermaid as she dived out the door...  

...chapter two awaits...


  1. Cool photos, sounds like you had a lovely time.
    Ooh those galaxy print leggings are beyond awesome!

  2. I have pants envy.
    I want your 70's pants and I want the black milk tights. Damn wardrobe envy!

    Thanks for the lovely lunch!


  3. yay! i feel the same way about L too, and am very excited to finally meet you maebe xx

  4. I work with Chow! she told me this story :)
    and so you have a new follower, your blog is indeed interesting as!

    B x

  5. Spence - I agree and Kim looks ah-may-zing in them too!

    Mon - MUST do more catch ups play dates when you get back from melbs! soooo great to meet you!

    Becks! always sooo fantastic to meet more Perth bloggers! welcome! checking out your wonderful blog now!

    and Chow, my lovely Chow - you know how L feels so I wont get all gushy all over again on her behalf... but i will say she is smiling ear to ear most of the time now and you are the MAIN reason.

    that is all :)