Thursday, 30 December 2010

how close is the sun...

Today was bathed in a wonderfully warm colour palette. Burnt reds, dusty yellows and oranges were all speckled heavily, surrounded by landscape. Reminding L of thick dollops and drops  of vibrant oil paints.

I spent the morning buried, deep under warm tunnels of fabric out in the sun while buster stalked, attacked and eventually destroyed his favourite prey.

The beautiful colour theme continued throughout the golden tinged afternoon with flirty, playful orange and yellow butterflies who teased L by darting to and fro, escaping before her eyes. Black and yellow furry bees flirted and dodged her bare-foot step as she jumped from puddles of shade. Fruitlessly trying to evade the sting filed bite of steaming asphalt.

This beautiful frock was a forgotten, forbidden, guilty late night, online purchase. Safe to say it was a delightfully whimsical way to start this hot, summer day.


  1. bursts & bursts of colour!!
    Oh L, such a perfect & beautiful post <3

  2. Such beautiful photos - love the way you have played with the colour scheme. You have a wonderful way with words also.

  3. the dress...!! it reminds me of a wonderful sunset...

    love the hair shot too :)


  4. Aghh L, you are so stunning, this selection of images this colour theme is perfect and your hair compliments it so so so well!

    Such a pretty post! It makes me very happy!

  5. awww thanks guys! I'm thinking this dress will be on very high rotation for the rest of the summer!

  6. Fricking amazing.

    That is all. Amazing