Saturday, 4 December 2010

i will eat your babies, bitch!

Saturday lunch was another plethora of luscious, delectable delights. Of juice cocktails and laughs. L took advantage of the beautiful weather and ventured out to Beaufort streets newest bar, Five. To taste, to see, to relax.  It was a wonderful afternoon, with L returning home to us in good spirits.

Floral’s was the choice of today, along with a pair of the pink Betts wedges featured in this year’s Perth Fashion Festival. Easy was the key for L in getting dressed this morning and although this is a common theme for her, I am very happy with todays results.


  1. ahhh i walked past five the other day and it looked amazing!! how was it, worth going? the wedges look great on you, i think i'm going to sell mine :(


  2. ahh these wedges! they are super pretty.

    they go on my feet.


  3. YES Chow! five is definitely worth checking out! they have their liquor license now so its all the better! Food is delicious!