Thursday, 30 December 2010

the girls...

Fantastically coloured Indian dripped down their eager spoons.
Wandering the streets in sky high boots, glittering Christmas lights, lit their unknown way.
They laughed and tumbled and sneaked naughty cigarettes in the warm summer air.
Cars and people passing, yelling, judging.
Content in their own little world Chow and L, they did not care.    


  1. Yummy looks delicious and like loads of fun! You both look amazing. I especially love your hair. Great style! Im following.

  2. Oh gosh I love Indian food so damn much.

    You guys have such fun adventures! Maybe I will run into you one time and crash it!


  3. You hair colour is just absolutley fantastic!
    It suits you so well!


  4. Fabulous :)


  5. Sjaar - Thanks for following so very nice to nice to meet you! I agree, I was very jealous that they had scrumptiously colourful Indian and i got same old cat food :(

    Abby - We would be honored if one day you crash an adventure! or perhaps maybe Chow and L will appear dusted in glitter and ready to boogie the night away at one of your sweet lounge room dance party's!

    Alexis - Thank you so much sweetface, L is particularly loving the red and Chows delicious caramel!

    Minnja - and they had a truly fabulous time! :)

  6. As usual you girls look incredible! I love Indian food... Please tell me this was not the date I skipped out on!

    Can't wait to have more dates and food! Your hair looks fantastic ontop of your head!

    Stunning ladies!

  7. awwww sweet, unfortunately it was :( but never fear! for there will be many, many more times for play dates ahead!

  8. Your hair is amazing! So is Chows - I envy you girls!

    Looks like a fabulous date! So much food there, could have been grounds for rolling home :-)