Monday, 13 December 2010

this is my favorite book in all the world, though I have never read it...

This weekend was beautiful to say the least, sunny, warm and lazy. Exactly what a weekend should be. Baby Buster and I spent the majority of it outside in the sun which was wonderful. On Saturday L went for a blood test, which was traumatic to say the least. L came home to us weak and complaining, she waited over two hours only to find out the evil doctors required nine vials of blood and due to difficulties these nine vials were taken from both arms and finding a vein was almost impossible. Three needles later they succeeded in draining her pretty much dry. Its days like this I’m glad I’m a cat.

This scrumptious dress is another item stolen adopted from L’s mum’s large vintage collection, another ideal summer dress, light, airy and comfortable. I love the slight puff sleeves and pin tuck detailing on the bodice, perfect for cultivating easy 70’s fashion.

Today we paired it with her amazing hunter green vintage Akubra, L’s watch necklace and a random pair of cut out heels that were rescued from L’s sister.

I’m quite proud of how well L is doing with her new camera, I haven’t felt the need to edit any of L’s photographs for a couple of weeks now, which makes my job a lot simpler.

This coming week has exploded with play dates for L, beginning with her catching up with her old friend AJ on Monday, Tuesday see’s her visiting the beautiful Zozatron from Lonely 8 Bit Heroes, followed by a picnic with BlondeSuburbia’s Kim on Wednesday. Dinner and more lunches and meetings finish her week off. I am hoping this busy week means more photos and content for blog posts to keep me busy!

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  1. I love that last look! newest follower to your blog :)

    am clearly re-visiting all your old posts!