Friday, 10 December 2010

well third degree burns prevent acne, that doesn’t mean you set your head on fire...

Tuesday was a jam packed day for the humans, starting with a delectable breakfast at the Beaufort St Merchant with The Eskimo and his lovely bride to be. Only to be followed by a quick trip to browse wedding dresses, meetings and another trip to the fantastic Five Bar chased of course with more yummy food.


And the day didn’t end there. Her evening was filled with toe tapping ska and vicious circle pits when L ventured out to watch the wondrous and theatrical Aquabats and Reel Big Fish.

Once again L chose to dress herself that day, instead of enlisting help from the best feline stylists she has on hand. But again I am quite enamoured. This gorgeous Arnsdorf jersey wrap skirt was another bargain, found in a pop up shop in town. L snapped the beauty up without trying it on.

Once it was stolen home, out of sight from the boy – who no doubt would be disappointed with yet another apparel acquisition. L attempted to try it on, only to become confused and confounded by its illogical fit. And there it sat in L’s wardrobe for quite a while, lonely.

It was some time later before she came across this thread on Vogue Forums. L was over the moon to find she wasn’t going crazy and that majority of others who had purchased the skirt had equally as frustrating adventures with the fit. It has now, of course become a new favourite. This time paired with L's beloved vertically inclined sock dreams socks, one of her mum's tee's and her Betts wedges.

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  1. mmmm this post made me hungry!
    I love your clothes rack, i wish i had the dedication to colour coordinate my clothing!