Friday, 17 December 2010

what we see and what we seem are but a dream, a dream within a dream...

Wednesday saw perfect picnic weather and a scrumptious catch-up with the ever beautiful Kim from BlondeSuburbia, they feasted and gossiped and ran amuck in the Supreme Court gardens of Perth.  L always comes back from her play dates with Kim in a wonderful mood and Wednesday was certainly no exception!

That morning Buster and I helped L make potato salad and cupcakes which went down a treat, except in their photo frenzy they forgot to eat the cupcakes! Which is VERY unlike them.

Kim looked stunning in a delicious paint splattered “mullet” dress and ankle boots, L was in a bit of a rush with all the morning’s preparations and didn’t have a lot of time to put together a new outfit so long time readers may have seen this one before.

The above top was an absolute bargain down from $120 to $14 so needless to say it was snapped up in a second. I love the pintuck detailing and draped back, L’s been wearing white a fair bit lately and I must say it’s been a nice change from her wardrobe of black.

Tonight L went off to a tribute gig in town to watch cover bands and dance the night away. Buster and I are extremely excited to have the house to ourselves for the night!

I’m going to catch up on fashion blogs and I think Busty might be planning a night of toothbrush stealing and hiding never the less we’ll all have a fantastic evening.


  1. I look overly excited in one shot haha! They are indeed pretty photos! How exciting I had an amazing day... However those cupcakes would have gone down a treat!! :)

    Xx your amazing as per usual :)

  2. hehehe I think you look ridiculously happy! Its great!

    Glad you had a wonderful day! L came back home in the most happy mood! lol


  3. You both look amazing! we'll all have to catch up one day, it looks like you had a great time!


  4. Love the style of your blog. Love the shoes too, they are my favs!
    Maybe we could follow each other if you like my blog?
    Ang xxx

  5. ohhh you both look so cute - got if I found a dress that reduced I would be snapping it up like you did too!

  6. Kim was right. Your hair is AMAZING! :D Good job scoring that top too! Merry belated Christmas (if it works that way?)!

  7. Bon - catch ups and play dates are definitely on the cards for after the crazy season!

    Angela - thanks for the lovely comment, love your blog too, totes in love with your new kitten! I think we'd get along great!

    Jaimie Lee - thank you! I don't think any girl could resist a deal that good!

    Yileen - Awww thanks! make sure you remind L of that again next time she has a mini hissy fit and decides to cut it all off/change colour! it happens quite regularly!