Sunday, 9 January 2011

i wish i could make myself a cool machine designed to help, not always hurting...

Yet another demurely warm and sticky day.  Early this morning Buster and I had a delicate and leisurely yet ephemeral time with L, she lay on her back, with us under a table, watching the world upside down and thinking and listening and remembering. She put on mellifluous, melancholy old music and pondered with us till the gossamer wrinkled morning drifted away from her.

Today’s outfit came about purely by chance, as many wondrous things do. Upon waking L dragged on the first top her fingers had the pleasure of grasping, destiny’s chosen one? a tie-dye singlet.

After breakfast finding herself wondering if she should indeed put on pants, L spied an opulent pair of BlackMilk lightning leggings lying on the coffee table. (Which happens to be a strange place for leggings, however she had been showing Chow these lissom beauties the previous evening. So, I feel their unusual home was meant to be, if not, at least a little justified.) Of course these were pulled on with much great haste.

And again as L was leaving to visit her mother, she threw on the nearest shoes and over top.  Black and big and black and big. The delicious hat was adopted from her mum’s house and I must say I was delighted upon first seeing L bounce through the door.

The rest of the weekend has of course been spent by me in sunspots and rifling through L’s wardrobe. L on the other paw has been scribbling and pasting and cutting and glittering to her heart’s content in her new/old leather visual diary.

Once given to L on her 18th birthday by her mum and then put away for safe keeping, the poor thing was pilfered, stolen and kidnapped in the night by L’s younger brother Smiley. Remembered only weeks ago, L by chance happened to ask her brother if he had seen it.
Under L’s iced and bitter stare he relented and professed he had but nicked it years ago... luckily the rat had not used it, well for nothing more than a beer coaster, and well while upset when she first spotted the stain, it has become rather endearing to L. It cocooned into a beautiful flaw, like everything in life.


  1. Hey lightning legs! Looking good gorgeous L!
    I'm so excited to see L on Wednesday I'm hoping it's not as hot and sticky it was today, it's good to see you got to have a little play with L today!!!

    I do love L's leather bound diary, what a treat... The beer stain will give it that authentic, vintage look ;)

  2. the leggings look great on L...i could never pull them off! definitely tell her to get those black and gold bandage ones too, they look awesome!

    remember, if L wants any more mags to cut up for inspiration, all she has to do is give me a list :)


  3. Hahaha lightening leggings! Genius!! :)

  4. Oh wow. L's lighting pants are just amazing <3
    Hope L wasn't too hot from Perths humid weather!

  5. Love it :)))


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  6. awesome leggings , nice combo ! Love the blog !