Thursday, 6 January 2011

some stories, the more you tell them, the faster you use them up. other stories, they use you up. the more you tell them, the stronger they get...

Waking late and peppermint tea, left over pizza for breakfast and searching for socks, procrastinating and more crap tv. Sauntering down William st and not knowing where to go, time stood still while they window shopped and laughed. Stopping for coffee and duck fat, double fried chips and aioli watching the world pass down King st. Chow leads them into a dead end. Stopping to pick up noodles for dinner and another sneaky, cheeky cigarette, quick goodbyes and promises of tomorrow.

As usual check out chow's take on the day and her amazing outfit at Heart and Bleeker.


  1. the photos turned out great! i absolutely adored what L was wearing today, especially the shredded dress...i need to find one of those in black.

    hahaha duck fat...yum!


  2. I totally agree chow I need a black shredded singlet/dress, L looks stunning as per usual! And the shoes are a studded dream! I really cannot wait until next Wednesday :)

    What should L do with Me?

  3. argh super hot outfit little lady!! Love reading the posts of your adventures!!

    shred is heaven.


  4. Chowalicious - agreed, I like you am quite enamored by today's look, however I was also loving your amazing shorts and the way you put your outfit together! cant wait to see your post on the day!

    Kimstar - perhaps you and L can go and run a muck at the art gallery, or the museum and then get ice-cream and of course get me tones of pictures of the day!!

    Abby - L has not stopped talking about the Land Before Time since you mentioned it! She cant wait for dinosaur themed party's galore!