Friday, 18 February 2011

i hate when you look inside your wardrobe for clothes and find narnia instead...

Only someone seriously tapped in the head would have willingly chosen to leave the house on Wednesday. And of course, that insanely bonkers person was L. While Buster and I sat at home in cool, breezy air conditioned comfort, preening and petting and cleaning each other, the crazy one ambled off and made the long, humid, disgusting walk to town. She was there to her only joy, to see the amazing Kim. Although expectedly they weren’t much fun, for each was wilted and sun touched from wandering the hot city streets. Eventually they retreated to the moon, which was dark and cool and empty. They sipped on ice cold cokes and dined on hot chips, Turkish bread and dips. They were delicious.

I dressed L simply in a light and airy granite dress paired with one of L’s favourite tops, a colourful little tie-dye tank. We also chose today to be the first time wear of her beautiful new headpiece, which was a steal at just $5.


  1. ooooh I love the headpiece... so keen for one of those babies!

  2. Love the headchain! You look amazing xx

  3. I giggled so much when i read the post title ;)
    L is looking lovely as always :) xx

  4. ahh i love the moon...especially late at night! the headpiece looks amazing on you...i wish i could pull off stuff like that!


  5. oh you girly, girls! *bulshes* you are always so very sweet! wheeee!

    Mon - Check out sportsgirl! they have most of theirs reduced at the moment!

    Alexis - Unfortunately we cant take credit for the title, most of our post titles are quotes. Not sure where we saw it, but pretty sure it was another fashion blog!

    Chow - I know the moon is wonderful late at night! we should go there soon, for nachos. and wine. and you could so rock the head chain!

  6. I've wanted a headpiece like that for ages, but I think I would look silly with a middle part. damn.