Saturday, 19 February 2011

initiative comes to thems that wait...

Today the dynamic duo, Chow and L decided to try and contest the heat by taking an impulsive trip down to the river in an attempt to search out a somewhat cool breeze.  They sauntered up and down the foreshore like a pair of giddy school girls, on the hunt for the nonexistent cool air, mucking around and puling funny faces for the camera. The below photos are the minority out of hundreds, the few where they were being "fairly" serious. 


  1. I heart your adventures! Sorry i didn't get to meet you and chow this weekend! hopefully soon :) x

  2. awww thanks Janelle! L actually made that dress! its on of her favourites for these horrid, hot summer days!

    Hannah! Awwww dont worry! we'll catch up soon! we'll be having a best friend double date with you and the Abstar VERY soon!