Monday, 14 February 2011

thanks to denial i'm immortal...

This week I have been hiding, veiled in sheer, elderly curtains. Buster on the other paw is finding comfort anywhere and in any position as seen below.

This never ending heat has taking its toll on everyone, including Buster and I. L is not one for monotony, she thrives on change, this coupled with L’s unusual love for winter has made this eternal summer all the more unbearable.  One of the only things that cure’s her perpetual uneasiness is her catch ups and frequent coffee dates with Princess Chow, that and her weekly Wednesday catch ups with Kim.

Both L and I absolutely cherish all the new friends we’ve both made since starting this wonderful little blog. The other Perth fashion bloggers are beautiful, fun and well to say the least amazing.  Each one with their unique style and outlook on life. In fact the one thing she has been looking forward to is next weekend’s fashion blogger catch up held by Jessie from The Velvet Bow and April from Don’t You Know April Rose, It’s to be a lovely picnic up at the remarkably beautiful Kings Park.  L is quite excited to meet the real people behind the blogs and to chat and while the hours away talking nothing but her favourite topic, fashion.

These last few days have been the longest L has gone without seeing her partner in crime and she was overjoyed to have an extended coffee date with Chow.  As usual they gossiped and laughed and spilled coffee all over their clothes.

Today L buckled into the raccoon tail trend, she had been yearning for awhile and was lucky enough that Buster alerted her to this amazing little bit of fur stashed away in L’s fabric hoard.  Unbelievably this DIY only took her 10 mins and she was ready to go and, well I must say I am quite smitten with it.   What do you guys think? Racoon tail worthy?!?

I cattily wasn’t thrilled by this outfit however I do supremely adore the ethereal swishy sounds made by L’s vintage ball skirt and her preposterously long faux pearls. I am on strike from dressing L these days due to... well, again the high temperatures (can you say broken record)


  1. you know i admire how L has such eclectic style and ALWAYS get it right! she is too lovely, we must make sure such a gap between hanging out never happens again! love you L, even if you do spill coffee on your clothes :p


  2. Oh L is just absolutley beautiful, no matter what she puts together! Such an inspiration x

    p.s i will never neglet my twitter again, such a shame i missed such lovely ladies within the space of an hour!

  3. I'm not sure I understand this trend... I love it, but I dont understand it! :)


  4. Chow - never, never again. So glad we've found each other as L feels the EXACT same way about you and your style. You never get it wrong! Pea's in a pod :)

    Alexis - Oh sweet all good! we'll catch up and meet on the weekend! and if your ever in Mt Lawley again send me a twit, we live literally 2 mins from beaufort and would love to come meet you for coffee!

    Brooke - I think its just nice to have a little bit of furry texture to pat and stoke any time of the day! definitely elevates moods! Totally crushing on your blog too :D

  5. hmm ive always liked the 'random piece of fur' trend! I have scraps of vintage fur, fur purses, fur stoles... Fake and Real!
    I cant wait to meet you all as well, im a little worried about what im going to wear though... i cant bear to dress up in summer!!

  6. April - oh vintage furs are the best, they smell absolutely scrumptious to us kittys... like history :)

    hahaha I think we're all in the same boat with regards to what to wear! too hot and what do you wear to a picnic with fashion bloggers?!?! something spectacular it would have to be! very much looking forward to it though!

  7. Ohhhhh I love your hair! :)


  8. IM really excited... Is it wring to be utterly excited about a picnic with groups of girls that will be dressed to kill... And I have only met a few of them? Oh well heres to a good day!

    I love that DIY fox tail you know me super sucker for a fox tail and some DIY looking forward to our weekly wednesday date tomorrow :D

    Looking spectacular lady :)

  9. Wow I love this outfit!! You look amazing xx

  10. your hair is amazing, i love the color and length. you have amazing style as well!

    ...look closer