Thursday, 24 March 2011


We have a stupendous, secret.  A beautiful, little, hidden treasure box here in Perth.  One not too many know about.  One filled with some unique and startling jewels.  One of a kind diamonds, stunning cobalt sapphires and light catching, emeralds. These, inimitable beauties are nestled delicately among many others.  Jewels the rest of the world covets with ached yearning. Jewels that are lucky enough to call our beautiful town home.


And one gem is coming home, to the immense pleasure of all in Perth. This unique and stunning crystal really is something special. So unique and beautiful in its own right, the rest of the world has been clamouring over its ethereal splendour since it first took notice.


And not only is ELLERY coming home, it has an extra spectacular treat for us. They have chosen next Tuesday here to town to unveil their thrilling new collection, TENENBAUMS IN THE TUILERIES  not only are Perths fashion pack invited to a special show, but you ELLERY lovers are invited to a very extraordinary Pop Up Store where you can purvey the truly delicious wears this unbelievable label has to offer. This six hour RSVP only sale should definitely not be missed. So get your names in and email the beautiful Jacqui Brown at for your spot on the door list.   


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