Wednesday, 9 March 2011

pretty monsters...


Whether or not this story has a happy ending depends, of course, on who is reading it. Whether you are a wolf or a girl. A girl or a monster or both. Not everyone in a story gets a happy ending. Not everyone who reads a story feels the same way about how it ends. And if you go back to the begining and read it again, you may discover it isn't the same story you thought you'd read. Stories shift their shape.


  1. i LOVE this. lovelovelove have a way with words and ideas that makes me think differently <3

  2. I think the photo choice for this short article is perfect - Red Riding Hood would be better this way ;-) x

  3. i love the story of little red.
    angela carter has the most brilliant take on her story. have you read 'wolf alice'?