Thursday, 24 March 2011

your my fairy to the world...

L is a big fan of finding new and interesting routes to well travelled locations. Today was one of these days, just a quick trip to the shops via an exciting adventure.   It was on one of these voyages today, L came across a black cat. Never being one for superstitions, she of course stopped for a pat. After a little nuzzle and a meow she set back off on her escapade. Not two steps past before she decided to wave goodbye to the pretty kitty. Astoundingly though she was not waving back at a pretty, shiny black kitty, but TWO pretty, shiny black kitties! We’re pretty sure L cloned the cat. She yet to try out her new found powers though I convinced her that two Buster was not a terribly good idea.
Today, we also realised that this past Tuesday was the 1st anniversary of this little blogity blog. It’s been a year and two days since we started this little venture, it’s seemed like no time! Such a fun journey filled with limitless joy and new friends. We are both pretty much over the stars that we’ve lasted at something this long, usually either L or I get bored and forget about little projects, its looking like this really has some potential. So thank you all dear readers you really are what makes this so special. Your coments and questions and words of loveliness, and even just your clicks. They bring a smile to our face’s each and every day.


Of course nostalgia comes with birthdays and while flipping through the virtual pages of this style diary we thought it would be nice to share some of our past outfits with you, although to preserve your poor internets we decided to make a collage. Hope you enjoy folks, and we are looking forward to another wonderful year with you all! 


  1. I love the bright colours you have in your photos, and your hair always makes such a good feature :D
    xx S&T

  2. YAY to Peanut Moonbeam Knickers' 1st Birthday :)
    It has been a wonderful adventure, cannot wait for many many more!
    love love xx

  3. Yey for year one, congrats love, keep it up, your blog is always peppered with nostalgic quotes from beloved childhood stories and imagination. Always encourages a smile. x

  4. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee birthday times!
    keep on blogging little lady as it makes my heart soar with happiness!