Thursday, 14 July 2011

like a ninja...

Yesterdays weekly wanderings with Kim saw the girls roam from one end of the city to the other. They went in search of coffee and macaroons. But unfortunately those they found weren't that crash hot, and for Kim's first taste it was a mighty shame.

After their coffee the girls found themselves in front of a beautifully quirky store that they had just finished reading about over on BonnieFriday. Enamoured as they were Kim and L ventured inside and to their delight they were bombarded with beautiful jewellery hidden beneath equally as stunning old bell jars. They spent some time talking with the owner and by the time they left they were both in love.


For a day in the city L chose to pair her super warm jodhpurs and boots, (which is fast becoming her go to bottoms) with one of her frilly, puffy shirts. Its the first time she's actually worn this one but we're very happy with it's light and frilly and fun demeanour.


We especially love how the delicate, frilled sleeves poke out her leather jacket wrists.


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  1. filthy blogger will NOT let me comment on some blogs these days. IT IS silly but you are not silly you are a magical lady of magicalness.

    you look very pretty in that floaty white shirt and your long locks. the shirt reminds me somewhat of a pirate shirt, and pirates are awesome, so that's okay by me.

    I wanted to thank you for the amazing and wonderful story you wrote me the other day, it made me feel way less sad! so that was nice of you!!

    I'll have to gate crash your guys's next adventure!! It seems like fun fun fun in the sun, except not much sun because it is winter, however there was sun out today and I said to my husband who was sick in bed IT IS SUNNY TODAY IT FEELS LIKE SPRING and he said well thats silly because spring is not very nearby and then I was sad :(

    Much love
    I apologise for the rambles.



  2. I love this outfit, the shirt is beautiful! xx

  3. I love how your photos turned out.. I love the sleeves. Great to see you again even though things were a little rushed! You hair looks so good here!

  4. abbs - I was very much considering calling this my pirate shirt or my puffy shirt! haha! but resisted the urge! and definitely come gate-crash our next adventure! pretty much most Wednesdays and we meet in town! just tweet us!

    To everyone else, thank you for your wonderful and warming comments! they all mean the world to me!