Tuesday, 6 September 2011

circles of style...

Last nights Style Circle saw high heeled femme's swirling golden champagne, and dapper lads sipping from ice filled tumblers. They gathered fashionably and mingled elegantly at Wolf Lane. Each one eagerly awaiting the announcement of the evening. This years nominees for the WA Fashion Awards.



Branching across nine categories the WA Style Awards are designed to nurture and encourage our luminescent, homegrown talent. Voted by our own fashion industry elite - members of Style Circle will have till November to canvass our cultivated nominees. And the imminent Perth Fashion Festival will be the ultimate opportunity to see our finalists in action.




and the finalists are...

WA Designer of the Year

Designer of Tomorrow

Fine Details

Creative Edge

Best Blogger

Best Dressed Boutique

Photographic Model of the Year
Rosie Tupper
Emily Green
Holly Caiulo
Caris Tiivel
Jessi Moloney
Jonathon Woodward

Runway Model of the Year
Sarah Kate
Sally Paten
Holly Caiulo
Fiona Thomas
Evelyn Leckie
Rebecca Jones

Hot New Talent
Stef Roberts
Sarah Tilekke
Georgia Herbert
Gabrielle Sullivan
Morgana Powell
Paige Bavich



EDIT - Going back through our archives we found a blog post from last years Style Circle nominations! Check it out here


  1. Love the pics- the event looks like it was really swish!

    xx S

  2. oh wow, this is so amazing and exciting! Go Bon! There is so much to catch up on since I've been away. Next time you girlies head out, let me know! Im keen to join :) xx
    p.s. your hair + the necklace + the dress = perfect!

  3. Great photo's - so whimsical. What do you use to get that effect? Hope you had a fab time xx

  4. Kaye - for sure will you be invited next time we all catch up! we have missed you while you were away, and I'm keen to hear all about your travels.

    Jade - Thank you again for your comments! that night we actually saw L travel out with the completely wrong settings set up on her camera and rather then spend time changing them we decided to make the most of it. Long shutter speeds and moving the camera while taking photos creating this look. Hope this helps.

  5. Hey Maebe! Lovely to meet you and Bonnie that night:) Thanks for linking my blog! Are you going to the Nikon blogger workshop next week?