Monday, 19 September 2011

we chose to lose…

Barely sleeping, excitement is at maximum levels. Only two nights left to dream until the Perth Fashion Festival. Now my only job left is to plan and curate all if L's outfits, once again I am utterly destroyed I don't get to go with her. Looking back on last years posts has reminded me how full of life L was and how many unbelievably wonderful times she had. To top it off this year she has not only Princess Chow to join her but, Kim, Jessie and Bonnie… and I'm sure many more Perth Bloggers. We will also be moving half way through the festival. Words are beyond describing the pure and utter emotions both she, I and Buster are feeling.

Stay tuned for posts on the following shows, to which L has been invited as one of PFF guest bloggers.

Aside form the Runways PFF and Nikon school are holding a "VIP Bloggers Photography Class" to which L has also been invited.

We don't have time to go into details or to craft beautiful sentences about how utterly stoked we are right now as our eyes are practically half closed. But if you haven't snapped up your tickets yet hop to it! A handful of shows have already sold out and the rest of the tickets won't last long!

If you are going and you see L out and a about, make sure you say hello! she loves meeting my readers and reporting back to me all that transpired. Oh and don't forget to have a sneak at last years posts to get you in the mood!


The stunning dress in this post was given to L by Miss Bonnie Friday, it is by far one of the prettiest dresses L now owns and fits like a dream! We are ever so thankful it fell into our possession and the Bon was kind enough to not let L pay for it. (she was selling it a vintage sale after all)

We now its time to curl up in dream land, L is already sound asleep next to me as my paws type and wouldn't you know it, she dreams her dreams still in her new dress. She was much to tired to even take it off.


Dream of wondrous adventures my pretties.

Oh and L will be live tweeting from all the shows, so make sure you add her on twitter for all the goss and coverage as it happens, complete with photos!


  1. that dress is DIVINE! it fits you like a dream!

  2. ooh I love those pretty little sleeves!

  3. holy moly, you look truly beautiful in that floral dress of magicalness! it fits you so perfect you look so tiny and cute.

    and how good is your pff itinery, I will be living vicariously through your blog for sure!!

    much love!!