Tuesday, 11 October 2011

think i lost my smile, think you lost yours too...

The moon has passed by the stars and through the sky nearly once since last we were here. And for that we are sorry. Many new things have begun and old comforts have been left behind. Dissolved and absorbed to make way for the new, new memories, new imprints, new feelings.

Probably the biggest cataclysm - moving house has begun to dribble into a non issue. Something our household of felines and girl really and sincerely appreciate. The girls birthday flew past with barely a whisper, another thing we are all thankful for. This year at least.

We still have the majority of the Perth Fashion Festival posts for you, having to wait over 2 weeks for internet to be connected has been... painful... to say the least. But these delicious, feasts for the eyes will slither out over the next week or so - so stay tuned.

For now we'll leave you with some instagram snaps from the past couple of weeks.

 ~ moi sleeping ~ buster disturbing work with cuddles ~

~ cute alley in town L found ~ pretty new dress ~

  ~ buster trying to eat L's cupcake ~  new nails which subsequently dissolved an hour later ~

~ catwalk at PFF ~ sitting front row waiting for one of the shows to start ~

~ the beautiful ceiling above the runway ~ amazing bacon & egg roll breakfast while sorting photos from PFF ~ 

~ balloons in a tree ~ the east perth cove ~

~ smashed and run over guitar ~ optical illusion in suburbia ~ 

~ make shift couch in our new lounge room, made out of the base of L's bed ~ L's new hammock ~ 

~ Buster climbing the fly wire to get a better look outside ~ Buster and a flower ~

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  1. Beautiful pictures, I love Instagram. Best invention ever. Mmm I want a cupcake for breakfast now. I'm so looking forward to seeing all your PFF pics xx