Monday, 21 May 2012

the other side...


not being able to move. torrents of tears for for days. complete and utter feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness.

if you have ever experienced the crippling despair that is depression in any form then you may understand. 

if not. 

then there are no words that she can find. 

not being able to pick her self up for days, all the girl could do was cuddle up in bed with her cats and cry. 

eventually she moved to the window, there she sat, watching the shadows move across the ground and the mornings turn to night. 

she boiled endless cups of tea which she did not drink, but just held. the porcelain at first scolding her hands. 

the girl embraced the only feeling other then despair she had felt for days. slowly the cups cooled with the shadows. 

again she would rise and boil the kettle. 

eventually the girls mother was called and she was taken to the doctor.

she has been in a valium induced haze since. at least now she can get dressed by herself...

snippets from L's diary

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  1. Best wishes to you, L. I do hope that you're OK. My thoughts are with you.