Saturday, 18 August 2012

the eighteenth day...

PhotobucketLooks like day eighteen is the day L start's reusing and actually restyling her op shop finds. 
We might have a few pieces left you may not have seen yet, but seeing as this challenge is all out re-using L thought she would show you another way to style this gorgeous little number. This time we paired it with a delicate pair of lace pants L made awhile back. 
Check out our first look here.
Today a sporadic trip to the seaside was required, it was the first time in a while the girls schedules had alowed them to catch up. It sure was nice to see princess Chow's face.
- lace slip, Vinnie's, $2 - sunflower scarf, Drug Arm, $1 - ray ban wayfarer's, Save the Children, $3 -