Saturday, 11 August 2012

the eleventh day...

Photobucket- mini dress, Salvo's, $5 - sunglasses, Anglicare, $3 - bloggers own shoes - bloggers own tights -PhotobucketThis beautiful crushed velvet dress had become a common fixture in L's wardrobe rotation. However, since finding it, every time she put it on she would wince - knowing she couldn't share it with you. After a while L stopped subjecting herself to the pain, and back she hung it in her Re-Style wardrobe, only to be unintentionally forgotten. We remembered the little thing today, hidden right at the back, royal blue crushed velvet gleaming at her, the subtle embroidery singing her name. it was a match made in heaven.Photobucket


  1. Oh my i love this dress on you miss L!
    Absolutely beautiful! xoxo

  2. You are beautiful L, this dress is perfect on you I love it I love you love love love