Sunday, 12 August 2012

the twelfth day...

PhotobucketPhotobucketTotally diggin' anything and everything even remotely 90's related right now, and this teeny strappy top was no exception. We can't wait until summer to make the most of its backless goodness.Photobucket
- top, Salvo's. $4 - cardigan, Good Sammy's, $5 - crocheted back pack, Anglicare, $2- bloggers own pants - bloggers own shoes 


  1. HOLY HOTNESSS I think this is one of my fave ever so far L! I love that top, and I love that bag, I had a cream one, they were all the rage haha you look gorgeous and again your hair, you Wilde rose x

  2. Ok this is beyond AWESOME! I love everything about this look. So easy peasy cool L. And oh my gosh your hair! I have serious love for your hair. Ah-MAY-ZING.