Friday, 31 August 2012

... the thirty-first day... ?!?!

In what seems like an hilarious oversight on everyone involved with re-styles behalf, the thirty first day of August was unfortunately forgotten. At first L wondered to herself, and then as the other girls "round up" posts trickled through she had a brainwave. She would pull everything out of her wardrobe and try and create and EXTRA outfit for you compromising of as many of her re-style pieces as possible.  

Twenty minutes later, there she sat, in the middle of a colour wheel of clothes, flame hair wild and sobbing. This task was proving harder then possible. She had a certain look/outfit/idea in her head and nothing was working.

Eventually after Buster and I watched silk and chiffon and patterns and colours flutter through the air, after dresses were haphazardly thrown all about her living room, after the carefully constructed colour wheel had been all but destroyed. She finally gave up....

And here we are left, with just a plain bonus outfit. Abet a very pretty one, and one we are very happy with. Although L is left, still somewhat wounded. Upset and frustrated that she is yet to find a stylish way of utilising nearly every re-style piece in an outfit... perhaps she will keep on it...  

- vintage slip (worn under skirt and top), Red Cross, $2 -
- white leather skirt, Save the Children, $10 -
- blazer, Salvo's, $6.50 -
- crochet top, Salvo's, $4 -
- bloggers own heels -

And so this brings us to the end of 30 Day's of Re-Style! We are so disappointed its over, we had so much fun supporting op shops and finding beautiful and unique pieces for a fraction of what we we would usually spend.  L and I would like the thank The Perth Fashion Festival and LotteryWest for inviting us to be a part of the amazing initiative. We would also like to thank all the other bloggers who have done an unbelievable job!  And an extra, extra special thanks you to Renee from the Perth Fashion Festival for her impeccable organisations skills and managing to wrangle 11 bloggers at a time!
And thank you for you guy's for following us during this fantastic challange!

Last but not least we'd like to thank the seven charities which do outstanding work and whom this would never have been possible without. To all the volunteers at Drug Arm, The Salvo's, The Red Cross, Vinnies, The Good Samaritan's, Save the Children and Anglicare. Next time you pass an op shop, take a look inside, you might be surprised. 


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