Monday, 15 October 2012


As mentioned last night, L's drastic hair transformation came with very little commentary. Which was unintentional. So here we are with the first of many hair related posts to explain and document...

As much as L loves her fire hair, as much as it is a part of her, restless feelings were at constant fluter within her mind. With her dream hair flitting in and out of her mind she finally decided to bite the bullet and attempt the challenge.

The wonderfully talented team at Me Style in Claremont came to L's rescue and took on the challenge. We are going to use this first post to introduce you to this delicious new salon.


Me Style, nestled within the glittered new Claremont Quarter. A beautiful new space, filled to the brim with cult products and lush decor. Its dark walls and opulent furnishings are perfected by "The Spice Girls Movie" projected onto them.

This directional style bar is something new, brought to us by one of West Australia's most successful, well known and respected hair dressers Maurice Meade.

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Me Style brings us a new type of salon experience, combining not only hair styling but also make up, tanning, waxing, nails and more to provide a complete style experience. A one stop for those wanting a complete makeover or new look - making them the perfect choice to help L with her transformation.


Stay tuned for stage one tomorrow...

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