Wednesday, 21 November 2012

part two...

The second step in L's hair transformation - Kelly, the style genius at Me. Style once again beautifully executed the next stage.

Upon leaving the salon, L's heavy regrowth and yellow ends were no more. Silver, pale strawberry and lilac hues play delicately on the top of her head. Once again she is lost for words and so beyond satisfied with her ever evolving hair.

You can follow the rest of L's hair journey with her other posts... "pre" and "part one"

and as a bonus.... 
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To enter the draw simply follow Ethereal Reality and Me. Style on Facebook and leave a comment on this post letting us know as well as detailing your worst ever hair disaster! 
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  1. My worst ever hair disaster? Let's go back to the beginning of the year shall we, when I walked into unnamed hair salon with a natural (yet faded) balayage and hair down to my waist, asking simply to lighten up the balayage I'd had for years. I walked out with white-blonde hair and what looked like extremely jagged re-growth (to put it lightly, unnamed hair dresser had PAINTED on the bleach - no exaggeration). Although it has to be up there with one of the most horrible experiences of my life, it gave me the means to get the chop and sport a much shorter style.

    I might laugh now, but it has left scars only the best hair dresser could cure. And that Laura is my wonderful little experience and one of the reasons I cut my hair off! ;)

  2. babe'n hair!! seriously loving it.


  3. My worst hair disaster was probably when I went to this really fancy hair dresser in West Perth, I was pretty happy because they'd said they could make my cowlick less extreme.

    It worked quite well for about the first maybe 2 weeks, then I noticed the regrowth and realised what they'd done. They'd used Thinning Shears to cut parts of the front of my hair line down to the scalp, so as the hair grew back it was just standing up, and it continued to do so for the many months that followed. I had to wear a head band allll the time until it got long enough to pin down, because if I didn't there was a section of hair that literally stuck straight up right in the middle of my forehead.

    There was also this time I inflicted a hair disaster when I bleached some girl's hair and it went green... then I had to use my incredible (or not) hair cutting skills to trim off the green parts :) I'm sure she's forgiven me by now though...right? :P

  4. My worst ever hair disaster is the total opposite end of the spectrum to what the phrase "hair disaster" means to most women, nevertheless I am still scarred.

    After finally deciding to lighten my naturally blonde hair, I went to the hairdresser and got a half head of foils. When she washed and dried my hair after the foils, I noticed that it was...NO DIFFERENT! Nope, nothing. Not even the slightest colour change. And she still made me pay a ludicrous $200.

    I need to win this with Me. Style to revive my confidence in hairdressers!


  5. I love the silver! I need to see it in person!
    My worst ever... I went to a VERY STRICT College for High School, and one day decided to let my then best friends Mum (who was an at home hairdresser) give me blonde streaks to my naturally brunette hair. She used bleach, and one of those old skull caps with holes (like a colander) and pulled the hair through using what I think was a metal crochet needle. It was so so so painful and took hours. This was the first time I had ever dyed my hair, so I thought, "huh this must be how they do it."
    Cue my hair being a salt and pepper mix of brunette and white/ yellow "blonde" streaks, which began a good two centimetres from my scalp. I looked like a racoon.
    I cried all night. I had to go to school the next day, despite knowing I would die of embarrassment. I was 14. And NOT cool!
    I cried in home-class as soon as anyone looked at me. I cried in first class, and they sent me to the Principals office.
    The Principal, told me that my unnatural hair colour went against school uniform policy. I cried in front of her.
    She ordered me to go home immediately, and my Mum had to come and pick me up. She picked me up just as recess began, and everyone saw. So embarrassing!
    I was told not to return to school until my hair had been re-dyed as close to its natural colour as possible.
    This was then made up into one of those year 9 rumour stories, that spread and took a year to be forgotten.
    I guess I had a day off of school, which as they were really strict, never happened.
    I had my hair dyed back and just pretended to my friends Mum that the Principal had insisted I change it back. I could not tell her I hated it.
    I didn't dye it again for at least five years.
    At my high school reunion some one had the nerve to bring this little scenario up.
    I'd like to think I got cooler. And cry less.
    Love the look Laura. xx

  6. I had 3 lots if poroxide put through my hair ... in 2 days... was disgusting and looked horrible... bad bad times... apart from that... my hair is untamable and frizzy. :(

  7. My worst hair disaster? But there's so many. Let's see. I could tell you about "Platinum Green"..."Striped tabby cat" maybe...or the fabled "Jackson Pollock"...but I think I know. It's a style and colour I like to think of as "Melting Moments".

    Small country town. Late Sping, 2009. My long dark hair is in need of some summer movement. Maybe a bit of a lift around the face...just to usher in the warmer weather. Find a salon that has an appointment...when I arrive, it's actually a house. >:| Even as I recall this...the writing was on the wall.

    Hair professional: How about I give you some chunky foils?

    Me: Ummm well...I was thinking of just lightening it up a bit. It is rather fine.

    Hair Professional: This will lighten it up.

    Me: O.............k. Fine. That sounds great.

    *Time passes.

    Now see me at the basin. The Hair Professional calls out to the Salon (House) Owner in a strained voice. "Can you come here?"

    Salon Owner: (To me angrily) Have you had any other colour on this?

    Me: No.


    Me: Whhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

    Salon Owner: (To me angrily) No it's fine. (To HP) Just put toner on it, but don't leave it on too long - watch it the *whole* time.

    Ok I'll save you the rest of the script, it just has a lump of jellified hair, an angry Hair Professional, a bit of ripping of a dirty old man's comb through my once glorious locks, an admission that the Hair Professional was in fact an Inexperienced Apprentice not even qualified to pick up anything other than a broom, some tears of course, and a bob.

    AND a bill for $90 - NOT FOR THE CUT AND COLOUR MIND YOU - for some treatment shampoo and conditioner (which din't help - HOW COULD IT? You need HAIR for it to work).

  8. Well my worst hair disaster was when my beloved blonde decided to snap of leaving me with creepy hair, ohhh it made me sad! I loved being a fun blonde, but crept back to brunette for fear of my hair Fallon out, but ohh the blonde ire is back, seeing your beautiful locks makes me long for blonde again!!! Xx

  9. Gah! Shitty iPhone! *falling *desire