Sunday, 9 December 2012


Her outfit for the unveiling of Light up Brookfield. She was quite enamoured with the whole night. The lights, the company, the beautiful skirt she whipped up the hour before. Everything.

This beautiful satin fabric was cut and draped on the bias to cling/enhance L's non-existent curves. The incredibly elegant skirt was dressed down using a Dolce & Gabbana athletic top. Resulting in an infatuating silhouette.

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On the way back to the car Nelly and L played in the lights. Much to their bewilderment they twirled and laughed and sang Christmas carols to themselves.



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  1. These turned out great I love these photos!
    I am sure you had to trawl through a ton to find decent non blurry, etc ones! Great job! That last pic is amaze. Love it.