Thursday, 21 November 2013

Friday, 15 November 2013

beautfort st festival high tea fundraiser...

 photo BeaufortStHighTea-17_zpsc0524a83.jpg

Last Sunday, The Beaufort Street Network (the talented folks behind The Beaufort Street Festival) presented a decedent afternoon of High Tea and croquet; a fundraiser for the fashion program of this years festival.

Ladys all dressed in their finest frocks and hats mingled in the warm afternoon heat, sipping golden glasses of champagne and learning the fine points of croquet.
 photo BeaufortStHighTea-11_zpsa963d4aa.jpg photo BeaufortStHighTea-10_zps652bedef.jpg  photo BeaufortStHighTea-13_zpsf1dd6fda.jpg  photo BeaufortStHighTea-9_zpsab70a2b9.jpg  photo BeaufortStHighTea-13_zpsf1dd6fda.jpg  photo BeaufortStHighTea-14_zps389bf4b3.jpg

Once inside exquisite, mismatched crockery lined long tables elegantly. Lady’s sat, and reduced decadent finger sandwiches, cupcakes and scones until nothing but crumbs remained.

 photo BeaufortStHighTea-6_zpsaccd4e39.jpg  photo BeaufortStHighTea-5_zps4a0cba59.jpg  photo BeaufortStHighTea-3_zpsbdd77dc5.jpg  photo BeaufortStHighTea-7_zps97278f62.jpg

While gossiping and getting to know one another over sweet treats, of a kind items by the likes of Alister Yiap were presented to the tables, statuesque models glided past the tables showcasing local collections by On A Whim, Steph Audino and House of SKYE.

 photo BeaufortStHighTea-18_zps217a8205.jpg  photo BeaufortStHighTea-22_zpsc4a95087.jpg  photo BeaufortStHighTea-23_zpsb8807a96.jpg  photo BeaufortStHighTea-24_zps5a90cfa4.jpg

The Beaufort Street Festival is a celebration of all things Beaufort Street, now in its third year, every year is proving to be bigger and better. With over 10,000 people attending last year, this a day to surely not miss.

This year, six stages, 35 bands, over 100 stalls, a Floating Catwalk, of course, the revered dog show and even more - all along a 1.5km stretch of street that is home to over 100 amazing Beaufort Street retailers.

Look out for the record number of street art and visitor participation art projects and so very much more. The really is too much to look at so if you can make a full day out of it!

 photo 1381638_518512961571658_1612752519_n_zpsb4c4b4ef.jpg

This years Festival is running this Saturday, 16th of december and will be taking over the whole of Beaufort Street (and a fair few side streets) from Queens Crescent down to Lincoln Street.

Open from 12pm till 9pm, event maps are online here and for more information and full program details visit

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

the couture labyrinth...

Hidden, peppered, bejewelled tule - 3 decades of silk and bones. Cloaked among long extinct beasts, halls of butterfly’s line there wake. Buried, concealed in a museum maze, priceless and rarely seen couture presented to the public for the first time in Perth.

 photo costarella-11_zpsdb698e8c.jpg  photo costarella-5_zpsd45812d5.jpg  photo costarella-4_zpsb84fefbf.jpg  photo costarella-9_zps64a0367d.jpg

A couple of weeks back L was given a unique invitation from the WA Museum to view a 30 year retrospective of renowned West Australian designer Aurelio Costarella. Unfortunately due to hectic school schedules this is the first time she has had a a time to sit down and post about it. But, better late then never and, going through these photos again has reminded L of the complete and utter amazement of this exhibition.

Although L vigoursly snapped her camera at every opportunity, she thought she would show you just a silver of the intricate collection. Hopefully just enough to wet your appetite and go and see it in person.

 photo costarella-7_zps450639a4.jpg  photo costarella-14_zps6f483f58.jpg  photo costarella-40_zps94d87b86.jpg  photo costarella-39_zpsd0c7fa16.jpg

This FREE exhibition is something not to be missed, and after the museums magnificent success with their last exhibition “Unveiled” (see L’s post here). “Aurelio Costarella - A 30 Year Retrospective”, along with its sister exhibition, “Frock Stars - Inside Australian Fashion Week” will not disappoint.

“Aurelio Costarella - A 30 Year Retrospective” is running until the second of February, 2014.

Stay tuned on our post of “Frock Stars” coming soon and more information on the “Aurelio Costarella” and “Frock Stars” exhibitions can be found at The Western Australian Museum.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

all flowers must fade...

 photo bluedrape-5_zps2163d9b8.jpg

sun drenched and beautiful
first day of spring and everything shines
with the gilt of golden beams
falling from the sky

 photo bluedrape-7_zpsc0eed371.jpg
 photo bluedrape-13_zps16283f80.jpg

L's latest midnight creation, she is hopeful this bout of production and inspiration continues.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

beaufort street...

The amazing Heidy from Love Thy Muse has created a fantastic little side project Beaufort Street Fashion. As some of you may of may not know Beaufort street is one of Perth's most iconic streets, lined with beautiful heritage listed, historical buildings. Over the years the street has filled with high end retailers, spunky coffee shops and amazing restaurants. Needless to say it is now one of THE places to be in Perth :P

Heidy's new site is dedicated to all things Beaufort street and all things Fashion, focusing on the residents and their unique style.

L grew up on beaufort street and has countless wondrous memories of childhood antics. Memories of sneaking into The Flying Scotsman underage and getting drunk on cheep pitchers of beer, memories of content and laugh filled birthday diners and celebrations. Beaufort street is in her heart and always will be.

After a coffee catch up one day with Heidy she asked to shoot L, and of course she jumped at the chance.
 photo ScreenShot2013-10-05at54527PM_zps41040f6c.png

Thursday, 3 October 2013


 photo T4142-10_zps5337785d.jpg  photo T4142-2_zps3c881634.jpg  photo T4142-4_zpsa9c678d0.jpg  photo T4142copy_zps92c9cf4c.jpg

drinking in giant, sparkling bowls of coffee and sunbeams.

 pics courtesy of the beautiful Brighita from The Kids in Trouble.

Saturday, 24 August 2013


 photo DSC_0314_zpsd3ae9972.jpg  photo DSC_0350_zps78d2372d.jpg

     dark and cold
     the wind bit in its passing
     bi-polar showers meant jumping quickly...
     - avoid the next one.

     the two girls found their haven, a dark and cosy pizza place, with sinking booths this was perfect for their lady date. deep fried mac and cheese and                  beautifully simple pizza astonished the girls.

 photo DSC_0296_zpsc573af9e.jpg

Friday, 23 August 2013


 photo DSC_2481_zpsd8ad139e.jpg

     - forgotten photos of memories not forgotten -

       brilliant green avocado smashed
       golden yolks dripping
       a mexican breakfast burrito burning

       coffee's, gossip and infectious laughs shared with a friend you wish you saw more often...

 photo DSC_2411_zpsc8d0ee4e.jpg
 photo DSC_2429_zpsac549a2d.jpg
 photo DSC_2444_zpsba1361fe.jpg