Tuesday, 26 March 2013

90% stardust...

another promise. another bout of depression. another month.    broken. forgoten.    apologies just seem hollow now. so we won't even try.

drowning in avalanches of school work, the need to survive overrides everything else. everything thats not helping you, pushing you back to land.

 photo teal-5_zps86af45f4.jpg  photo teal-11_zps37ebcfe5.jpg  photo teal-4_zps89987b54.jpg
on this beautiful morning L caught up with the Lady Chow for breakfast, they hadn't seen each other since before christmas, and to say this reunion was glorious would be a complete understatement.
 photo teal-15_zpsc903d37b.jpg
- racer back top, designed and made by L -
- arnsdorf jersey wrap skirt -
- sockdreams chevron otk's -
- steve madden heels -

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