Thursday, 23 May 2013

front line...

 photo bluehair-1_zps4e2205d8.jpg

Plans for weekly photo dates with the lovely Brighita have been made in an effort to get back "into" blogging, school, although wonderful has been taking up more and more of L's time. Hopefully this weekend some time will be found to post some photos of the art she has been creating.... touch wood. 

   photo bluehair-2_zps7ceb4fba.jpg photo bluehair-3_zps703328cb.jpg

Sunday, 5 May 2013


 photo maxitop-1_zps4c77e281.jpg  photo maxitop-4_zpsa80b8882.jpg  photo maxitop-3_zps2ad73a1e.jpg

one of L's recent creations, yet to commit to a name; she will be living in her long sleave versions this winter, as well as some other whimsical designs she is in the process of refining.
   photo maxitop-2_zpsf685b1af.jpg