Thursday, 25 July 2013

just plain lost...

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lost girls 
lost in the simplest meaning if the word 
lost by distance 
lost by time 


just pain lost 
lost in the city trying to find somewhere to eat or drink. 

searching for a place they can finally sit and catch all those lost moments.
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Monday, 22 July 2013

timing the square...

Delicious roasted beans infected their noses as coffee upon coffee upon coffee was passed around. There were sweet treats for sweet tooth's galore and so many beautiful faces. So many new faces, a few old friends. The girls mingled, some introducing themselves, others laughing with the already acquainted.

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Then over 20 foals were lead through a wonderland of boutiques, hypnotised by delicate fabrics and glittered embellishment, mesmerised by butter soft leather and captivated by almost everything they saw.

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Friday, 19 July 2013

sleeping beauties...

following on from Pippa's last exhibition, "with flowers in their hair" this evenings show "sleeping beauties" chases the beautiful floral theme Pippa has been gracefully cultivating over her last few collections.

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shadows bounced of the walls as candles danced, childhood candy splattered everywhere

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her final exhibition at 140, like her last was breathtaking. her "sleeping beauties" were daintily draped across beds of either floral filled canvasses, or adorned in avant-garde bloom filled fashion and every one with deep. penetrating eyes.

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the exhibition is open to the public Sunday the 21st of July - 10am till 4pm - and is very recommended

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beds of flowers. carpeted with roses and peonies, with daisy's and babies breath. overgrown and adorned with irises and dahlia's, limber, white limbs creep out from underneath. moonflowers and star flowers bloom as the sun sets, angelic girls twisted and entwined in tuberose and tulip's.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013


the week has barley started.  even before the storms were brewing.  expectations were of a week of rest, of homework, but she was twisted and confused - and now meetings and work adopt her time.  she has a silver lining though, a few exciting events and dates sewn in there. some exciting posts for you all as she (finally) gets her blogging back on.

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now a days this is a typical outfit for L, current and fruitless lamenting on her hair has created some issues with her wardrobe. but she can't help but feel happy in the lace bells, anything she has made herself brings hidden joy.

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Sunday, 14 July 2013


they picked their poison and perched themselves high above the city. golden hair flew through the wind. brilliant blue eyes captivated. laugh, upon laugh sung through, and; sometimes even catching the the breeze.

still giddy and high on human interaction these photos magically happened...

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Saturday, 13 July 2013

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 she wakes early. too early. her laptop screen lying, glaring next to her tells 4:03am. restlessly she gets up, the cool wood under her feet a welcoming sensation. aimlessly she walks outside and in a trance she climbs the ladder to her roof and watches the city sleep. watches the sun rise.