Friday, 19 July 2013

sleeping beauties...

following on from Pippa's last exhibition, "with flowers in their hair" this evenings show "sleeping beauties" chases the beautiful floral theme Pippa has been gracefully cultivating over her last few collections.

 photo DSC_9569_zps3323f71c.jpg

shadows bounced of the walls as candles danced, childhood candy splattered everywhere

 photo DSC_9547_zps6587d62c.jpg

 photo DSC_9564_zps3880b605.jpg

her final exhibition at 140, like her last was breathtaking. her "sleeping beauties" were daintily draped across beds of either floral filled canvasses, or adorned in avant-garde bloom filled fashion and every one with deep. penetrating eyes.

 photo DSC_9560_zps41187787.jpg

the exhibition is open to the public Sunday the 21st of July - 10am till 4pm - and is very recommended

 photo DSC_9539_zps74cc2c05.jpg

beds of flowers. carpeted with roses and peonies, with daisy's and babies breath. overgrown and adorned with irises and dahlia's, limber, white limbs creep out from underneath. moonflowers and star flowers bloom as the sun sets, angelic girls twisted and entwined in tuberose and tulip's.

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