Monday, 22 July 2013

timing the square...

Delicious roasted beans infected their noses as coffee upon coffee upon coffee was passed around. There were sweet treats for sweet tooth's galore and so many beautiful faces. So many new faces, a few old friends. The girls mingled, some introducing themselves, others laughing with the already acquainted.

 photo DSC_9594_zps1760e399.jpg
 photo DSC_9595_zps41838201.jpg

Then over 20 foals were lead through a wonderland of boutiques, hypnotised by delicate fabrics and glittered embellishment, mesmerised by butter soft leather and captivated by almost everything they saw.

 photo DSC_9605_zps9d09939d.jpg
 photo DSC_9616_zps4e0bdca9.jpg
 photo DSC_9667_zpsd274cda4.jpg
 photo DSC_9613_zpsa34073b2.jpg
 photo DSC_9629_zpsc0cc3e1e.jpg  photo DSC_9690_zps2f70eb00.jpg
 photo DSC_9649_zps88154a13.jpg
 photo DSC_9697_zps31355c15.jpg
 photo DSC_9719_zps87b3ebb1.jpg
 photo DSC_9713_zpse5624158.jpg  photo DSC_9773_zpsade50752.jpg
 photo DSC_9737_zps25342b60.jpg
 photo DSC_9746_zps1fcef93e.jpg
 photo DSC_9756_zps898431e6.jpg
 photo DSC_9741_zps3fa59de2.jpg
 photo DSC_9796_zps562b84ae.jpg
 photo DSC_9856_zps6ff4bfc8.jpg

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  1. You are so onto it with all these posts! Pre- going back to school huh?
    Good photos. So many bloggers, right?