Tuesday, 12 November 2013

the couture labyrinth...

Hidden, peppered, bejewelled tule - 3 decades of silk and bones. Cloaked among long extinct beasts, halls of butterfly’s line there wake. Buried, concealed in a museum maze, priceless and rarely seen couture presented to the public for the first time in Perth.

 photo costarella-11_zpsdb698e8c.jpg  photo costarella-5_zpsd45812d5.jpg  photo costarella-4_zpsb84fefbf.jpg  photo costarella-9_zps64a0367d.jpg

A couple of weeks back L was given a unique invitation from the WA Museum to view a 30 year retrospective of renowned West Australian designer Aurelio Costarella. Unfortunately due to hectic school schedules this is the first time she has had a a time to sit down and post about it. But, better late then never and, going through these photos again has reminded L of the complete and utter amazement of this exhibition.

Although L vigoursly snapped her camera at every opportunity, she thought she would show you just a silver of the intricate collection. Hopefully just enough to wet your appetite and go and see it in person.

 photo costarella-7_zps450639a4.jpg  photo costarella-14_zps6f483f58.jpg  photo costarella-40_zps94d87b86.jpg  photo costarella-39_zpsd0c7fa16.jpg

This FREE exhibition is something not to be missed, and after the museums magnificent success with their last exhibition “Unveiled” (see L’s post here). “Aurelio Costarella - A 30 Year Retrospective”, along with its sister exhibition, “Frock Stars - Inside Australian Fashion Week” will not disappoint.

“Aurelio Costarella - A 30 Year Retrospective” is running until the second of February, 2014.

Stay tuned on our post of “Frock Stars” coming soon and more information on the “Aurelio Costarella” and “Frock Stars” exhibitions can be found at The Western Australian Museum.

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