Monday, 31 March 2014

Sunday, 30 March 2014

sunset runway...

 photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-5_zps113207e2.jpg

last sunday L attended what would be her first of the Urban Couture runway shows. the air air was warm and golden, with a runway set up on the beach. the show, timed almost perfectly with a sunset. brilliant oranges and pinks shimmering off the sparkling ocean became the parades magnificent backdrop.

 photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-6_zpsd29133ea.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-7_zps7a365c3a.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-8_zps92a3cf26.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-9_zpsad274d83.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-10_zpsd5aba4bd.jpg

local perth label Cenote Swimwear and model de jour’ Samantha Harris opened the show, presenting their first collection.

 photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-12_zps15c6c962.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-13_zps3df863f7.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-16_zps165c0b7c.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-15_zps97268180.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-18_zps64f4d9c8.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-19_zps128eba91.jpg

collections from both Natalie Rolt and Little Dove closed the parade, still with time to admire the breathtaking sunset.

 photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-21_zpse0a96593.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-22_zps20dfc2bd.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-20_zps5c80378a.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-24_zps7793851c.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-25_zps4cd105dd.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-31_zps627adeb0.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-26_zpsc463917f.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-28_zpsdbbdcbc1.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-30_zpsf6530b01.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-29_zps605ea4be.jpg

there was some confusion for a second after the show. as guest watched the stunning, lithe models run straight into the surf! - it wasn’t long however until everybody ran over to join them.

the result, was beautiful, a chance to view the amazing pieces up close, chat with the labels designers and perfect shots were everywhere while models laughed among themselves and frolicking in the waves.

 photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-32_zpsf6984c28.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-34_zps16a0ca4a.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-35_zpsca363288.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-36_zps9d9af663.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-33_zps579ffdfd.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-40_zps2e941e41.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-41_zps95aa4429.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-37_zps22d04615.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-42_zps252605f7.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-39_zps428e2f7a.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-38_zpsd73c83ed.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-14_zps11dba8e0.jpg

miss kitty...

 photo OutfitHotdogNight-15_zpsac86c91c.jpg

most tuesday nights L can be found huddled in the beautiful new saloon bar at the end of her leafy street. devouring their delicious gourmet hotdog special. never does she fail to leave without beautiful drops of tomato sauce and mustard; artistically placed from around her mouth, right down to her clothes. never the less, she loves every minute of it.

 photo OutfitHotdogNight-1_zpse95d2b35.jpg  photo OutfitHotdogNight-2_zps92f3e7b1.jpg  photo OutfitHotdogNight-7_zps75c5c493.jpg  photo OutfitHotdogNight-17_zpsc0ad57a6.jpg  photo OutfitHotdogNight-16_zps899fb267.jpg  photo OutfitHotdogNight-13_zps535fe744.jpg

Thursday, 20 March 2014

dress ups...

Last night Ruth Tarvydas, unveiled her latest collation “Le Vie” to a select group of Perth's fshionistas. Unlike her previous collections, “Le Vie” is something new and a complete turn around from the labels previous collections. Elegant, classic, whimsical and stunning. 

 photo TarvydasDressups-3_zps2f0264a5.jpg  photo TarvydasDressups-6_zpse9743de8.jpg  photo TarvydasDressups-7_zpsac4fea5a.jpg 
With the spirit of shimmering gold material, meticulous silver trim and the dark sensuous magic of black. "La Vie" not only makes a revolutionary statement by being bold and strong, but has also redefined the the label. Beautifully hand beaded couture gowns, in elegant and classic cuts, a beautiful turn around from her pervious collections. 

 photo TarvydasDressups-9_zps9e37a6f4.jpg  photo TarvydasDressups-20_zps53316ea0.jpg
As a small, select group of stunning girls pursued the collection in awe, L was lucky enough to try on more then a few gowns from Tarvydas’s new collection and was amazed at the detail, fit and thought that went into each and every piece. 

 photo TarvydasDressups-45_zpsc17dafdd.jpg  photo TarvydasDressups-47_zpsdd1806f3.jpg  photo TarvydasDressups-51_zps3e1142e4.jpg  photo TarvydasDressups-52_zps1130722f.jpg  photo TarvydasDressups-55_zpscde3886b.jpg
and of course these two ethereal gowns were L's favourite
   photo TarvydasDressups-58_zps87f48c06.jpg photo TarvydasDressups-62_zps2cfd6c61.jpg  photo TarvydasDressups-65_zps1ee10f67.jpg  photo TarvydasDressups-66_zps34aa167c.jpg
With the “Le Vie” collection returning from the beautiful Tarvydas showroom in Paris this marks a significant new chapter for the label, one of change and acclaim in the international world of fashion. L for one, can’t wait to follow their adventure. 

 photo TarvydasDressups-67_zps0053d96e.jpg