Thursday, 20 March 2014

dress ups...

Last night Ruth Tarvydas, unveiled her latest collation “Le Vie” to a select group of Perth's fshionistas. Unlike her previous collections, “Le Vie” is something new and a complete turn around from the labels previous collections. Elegant, classic, whimsical and stunning. 

 photo TarvydasDressups-3_zps2f0264a5.jpg  photo TarvydasDressups-6_zpse9743de8.jpg  photo TarvydasDressups-7_zpsac4fea5a.jpg 
With the spirit of shimmering gold material, meticulous silver trim and the dark sensuous magic of black. "La Vie" not only makes a revolutionary statement by being bold and strong, but has also redefined the the label. Beautifully hand beaded couture gowns, in elegant and classic cuts, a beautiful turn around from her pervious collections. 

 photo TarvydasDressups-9_zps9e37a6f4.jpg  photo TarvydasDressups-20_zps53316ea0.jpg
As a small, select group of stunning girls pursued the collection in awe, L was lucky enough to try on more then a few gowns from Tarvydas’s new collection and was amazed at the detail, fit and thought that went into each and every piece. 

 photo TarvydasDressups-45_zpsc17dafdd.jpg  photo TarvydasDressups-47_zpsdd1806f3.jpg  photo TarvydasDressups-51_zps3e1142e4.jpg  photo TarvydasDressups-52_zps1130722f.jpg  photo TarvydasDressups-55_zpscde3886b.jpg
and of course these two ethereal gowns were L's favourite
   photo TarvydasDressups-58_zps87f48c06.jpg photo TarvydasDressups-62_zps2cfd6c61.jpg  photo TarvydasDressups-65_zps1ee10f67.jpg  photo TarvydasDressups-66_zps34aa167c.jpg
With the “Le Vie” collection returning from the beautiful Tarvydas showroom in Paris this marks a significant new chapter for the label, one of change and acclaim in the international world of fashion. L for one, can’t wait to follow their adventure. 

 photo TarvydasDressups-67_zps0053d96e.jpg

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  1. The pictures came out amazing! Looking fabulous, L.