Sunday, 30 March 2014

miss kitty...

 photo OutfitHotdogNight-15_zpsac86c91c.jpg

most tuesday nights L can be found huddled in the beautiful new saloon bar at the end of her leafy street. devouring their delicious gourmet hotdog special. never does she fail to leave without beautiful drops of tomato sauce and mustard; artistically placed from around her mouth, right down to her clothes. never the less, she loves every minute of it.

 photo OutfitHotdogNight-1_zpse95d2b35.jpg  photo OutfitHotdogNight-2_zps92f3e7b1.jpg  photo OutfitHotdogNight-7_zps75c5c493.jpg  photo OutfitHotdogNight-17_zpsc0ad57a6.jpg  photo OutfitHotdogNight-16_zps899fb267.jpg  photo OutfitHotdogNight-13_zps535fe744.jpg

1 comment:

  1. Those look yum. I live just down the road also and haven't yet ventured in for their hotdog night. I'll have to change that now.