Sunday, 30 March 2014

sunset runway...

 photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-5_zps113207e2.jpg

last sunday L attended what would be her first of the Urban Couture runway shows. the air air was warm and golden, with a runway set up on the beach. the show, timed almost perfectly with a sunset. brilliant oranges and pinks shimmering off the sparkling ocean became the parades magnificent backdrop.

 photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-6_zpsd29133ea.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-7_zps7a365c3a.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-8_zps92a3cf26.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-9_zpsad274d83.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-10_zpsd5aba4bd.jpg

local perth label Cenote Swimwear and model de jour’ Samantha Harris opened the show, presenting their first collection.

 photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-12_zps15c6c962.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-13_zps3df863f7.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-16_zps165c0b7c.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-15_zps97268180.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-18_zps64f4d9c8.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-19_zps128eba91.jpg

collections from both Natalie Rolt and Little Dove closed the parade, still with time to admire the breathtaking sunset.

 photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-21_zpse0a96593.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-22_zps20dfc2bd.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-20_zps5c80378a.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-24_zps7793851c.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-25_zps4cd105dd.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-31_zps627adeb0.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-26_zpsc463917f.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-28_zpsdbbdcbc1.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-30_zpsf6530b01.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-29_zps605ea4be.jpg

there was some confusion for a second after the show. as guest watched the stunning, lithe models run straight into the surf! - it wasn’t long however until everybody ran over to join them.

the result, was beautiful, a chance to view the amazing pieces up close, chat with the labels designers and perfect shots were everywhere while models laughed among themselves and frolicking in the waves.

 photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-32_zpsf6984c28.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-34_zps16a0ca4a.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-35_zpsca363288.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-36_zps9d9af663.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-33_zps579ffdfd.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-40_zps2e941e41.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-41_zps95aa4429.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-37_zps22d04615.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-42_zps252605f7.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-39_zps428e2f7a.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-38_zpsd73c83ed.jpg  photo UrbanCoutureSTMSwimear-14_zps11dba8e0.jpg

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